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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Celebration of Halloween in Ukraine

Halloween is a holiday that takes its roots from Irish and Scottish Celts. First, it was spread all over United Kingdom, then it travelled to the USA and finally it became known all over the world. Ukraine is not an exception. In our country it started gaining popularity since 1991 – the year when Ukraine got independence. Ukrainians took all the traditions the way they were at that time. Big pumpkin with a terrifying face curved on it and a candle inside, tradition to dress up in scary costumes and celebration on October 31st.

The common things are always obvious, and how the celebration differs in Ukraine from the one in other countries? As Halloween has been celebrated since the late 1990s, one can easily guess that only younger generation is involved in the fun. People who have spent most of their life in the USSR might have no idea of what this holiday is. Grandparents can look on the scary clothes and masks of their grandchildren and get terrified. So if you come to somebody’s home and say: “Trick or treat”, people will hardly understand you right. They can even get frightened that you came to rob their flat.

Another situation is at schools, colleges, universities and other institutions. On the week preceding October 31st, children and youth decorate their classrooms with carved pumpkins, spiders, scary masks and other Halloween decorations, participate in concerts, dances and parties wearing costumes of positive and evil characters. As for adults, only in the last few years this holiday gained popularity among them. Festivals are held, restaurants offer pumpkin dishes and nightclubs arrange extraordinary parties. There are entrances for free on October 31st in some entertainment establishments in case you have make up or clothes that correspond to Halloween.

And if you want to share Halloween spirit with your relatives, friends, soul mates and their children living in Ukraine, UkraineGiftDelivery service will gladly help you. A box of chocolates or a basket with sweets and goodies will be a perfect gift to Ukraine as Halloween treat for your dearest ones. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Birth Flowers of September

Aster is a beautiful wildlife flower that has been popular for centuries all over the world. Its star-like blooms come in a rainbow of colors and shades, including red, pink, purple, yellow and white. These bright flowers make a magnificent bouquet as well as a wonderful component in floral arrangements.

Aster is the birth flower of September. It symbolizes faith, wisdom, hope and patience. Asters are also associated with elegant and graciousness. Being a talisman of love, a beautiful bouquet of asters will make a lovely gift to Ukraine that will show your deepest feeling.

Asters are also known as starworts and Michaelmas daisies. An ancient name of this wonderful flower was “aster” that means star in Greek. According to one of the legends, the aster flowers appeared on the earth when the Greek God Virgo started to cry being saddened by the absent of the stars in the sky. It is also interesting to know that aster has been considered as an enchanted flower. Ancient people believed that the fragrance made of its burnt blooms could protect from evil serpents.

Nowadays aster is one of the most popular flowers grown by gardeners in Ukraine. It starts blooming in July and continues till the end of September. They delight our eyes with variety of colors and shapes. Another advantage of asters is their long vase life. A bouquet of asters will please the recipient with its beauty for two weeks.

Pamper your dearest ones by giving Ukraine flowers on a special occasion and just because.

Peridot is the Birth Stone of August

If you have a special event in August, you can make a statement with an elegant piece of jewelry adorned with alluring green peridot. This beautiful gemstone in light-green, yellow-green or brown-green colors is the birthstone of August.

Delivery of peridot jewelry to Ukraine
This unique stone was first found in Alexandria (Egypt), but the name was derived from Greek “peridona” – “the one that brings abundance”. This gemstone has other names as well. The oldest one is chrysolite which means “golden stone” in Greek.  Another name is olivine which as you can guess is taken from its olive color. The Mongols called these gems – “the stones of the dragon” as they were often found in rocks and volcanoes.  Egyptians called peridot “the stone of the sun” as it was too bright to be seen in the sunlit desert.

Nowadays peridots are also called “evening emeralds” as the peculiar yellow shade vanishes under the artificial light and green color becomes deeper and richer.  It is also believed that peridot is exactly the same “emerald” stone that the Emperor Neron looked through during the fire that was set by him. Peridot is not an ordinary stone that you can dig out of the ground as it exists near the shores, deep in the seas or is a part of volcanic rock or lava. Researchers also found it in meteorites and on the Moon.

Magic properties of peridot were known from the old times. Sorcerers often used it as omen. It was believed that this gem protects from witcheries, evil-eye and hoodoo. It defended home from evil spirits and burglary. Bad dreams, enemies and dangers will not bother you when you are under protection of this olive stone. Having calming green color it allows to assert oneself without being aggressive, concentrate and create something new. This gem helps you to choose correct and safe way in life. Sometimes it is even said that the owner can foresee the future while wearing an accessory with peridot.  It is also advised for young couples to wear the same (similar) talismans made of peridot to preserve love and happiness.

If you intend to give an elegant gift on birthday or a special occasion in August, beautiful peridot earrings, necklace and a ring will make a perfect choice as a gift to Ukraine

Friday, June 26, 2015

Rose is the Birth Flower of June

Rose is a unique flower which combines adorable beauty with unapproachability. In Greek mythology rose was considered to be a symbol of love and passion. It was an emblem of the goddess of love Aphrodite (Roman Venus). It was believed that when she was coming out of the ocean the foam that surrounded her turned into beautiful rose petals. It is interesting to know that according to one of the legends the first color of roses was white. Amour spilled red wine on white roses during his dance and they changed their color into red. Another legend tells how thorns appeared on the stem. When Amour was smelling the rose, a bee bit him. He got angry and shot the flower from his bow. Since then roses have thorns. Another old story tells that during the times of Adam and Eva roses didnt have thorns at all. And when Eva kissed white rose it blushed from the pleasure and turned red.

Ukraine roses
According to the archeological records wild rose existed on the Earth for more than 25 million years. Cultivation of roses has lasted for more than 5000 years.  It was grown in the gardens of the East and the first notes about rose can be read in old Indian records, although Persia is considered to be roses motherland.  In Old Persian the word rose means spirit.

Different countries had different beliefs connected with roses. For example, Old Greeks worshiped roses. They used roses for weddings and ornamenting temples. Greeks threw petals of roses on the warriors who came back from war with victory. During excavations scientists found coins with a picture of rose on them. In Ancient Rome only rich people could afford themselves a rose garden and baths filled with rose water. They made rose wine, added them to different courses which are cherished in the East till current day. It was believed to be a symbol of silence. There is a Latin expression: Sub rosa dictum I said under the rose which means that the information is a big secret. In the Middle Ages knights compared their ladyloves with roses. Ladies seemed to be as beautiful and unapproachable as this flower. Many knights had roses embroidered on their shields.

For many centuries the rose has been an international symbol of love. Gorgeous roses are given on special occasions and just because. If your beloved lady has a birthday in June, you are in luck. Our markets offer the widest selection of colors and sizes. Ukraine roses bouquet will make a wonderful surprise as an alternative or a gorgeous addition to a gift to Ukraine

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Birthstone - Pearls

Pearl is the birthstone for June. It is a symbol of love, affluence and fertility. For many centuries pearls have been considered one the most beautiful and precious kinds of jewelry. 
pearls to ukraine

Cleopatra made a bet with Marc Antony that she could spend 10 million of gold coins in one time. She dropped one of her pearl earrings in wine vinegar and drank it. There is a way to impress! And no risk at all - due to its organic origin, pearls dissolve easily and they are even used in medicine as powder for intestinal problems.

Another story happened in 1961, when a famous French jeweler Jacques Cartier bought his landmark New York store on 5th Avenue for two pearl necklaces. 

Nowadays due to the pearl cultivation, pearls are affordable and available for all. Pearls make a classy and elegant gift for any occasion and are very popular among women of all ages. Younger ladies prefer smaller size gems and more interesting colors, like lavender or peach. More mature ladies look better with bigger sizes gems even if it is just one pendant. posh necklace and a bracelet makes a statement even with an elegant black dress. Charming earrings and a pendant go perfectly with any outfit. The white color indicates purity of thoughts and the heart and helps its owner to feel confident and self-assured. Peach and pink colors suggest romance, kindness, loyalty, generosity, energy and compassion. Lavender color symbolizes wisdom, creativity, mystery, passion and vitality. 

No wonder that this gift can impress every woman. If your special lady has a birthday this month and you are thinking what gift to give, gorgeous pearls are one of the finest choices and a gift to Ukraine that she will treasure for years to come. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Iris - Spring Flower of Exceptional Beauty

Iris is a magnificent colorful flower of intricate forms that blooms from the end of May till the end of June and has only one day when its petals are open.

One of the legends says that the first iris was blooming in the beautiful forest on the hill several million years ago. All animals, birds and insects came to look at it as the flower was of outstanding beauty. They started to argue who it would belong to. While they were quarrelling the seeds of the flowers grew and the wind blew them all over the world. Since then Iris has been spread all over the world.

The other legend underlines its wide color-grade almost like a rainbow. It comes from Greece and tells about Prometheus – a Titan who stole fire from the Gods and brought it to people. That day a wonderful rainbow arrived in the sky. It stayed even after the sun hid. And when the sun rose again, rainbow broke in hundreds of pieces and in the places where they fell on the ground beautiful flowers appeared. They were called Iris – “rainbow” in Greece.  This name was approved by Greece doctor and natural scientist Hippocrates.   Karl Linnaeus – the founder of unique system of scientific names of plants – also decided to choose this antique name for international use.  

Nowadays Iris is the national flower of France and it has been used in royal’s emblem since the 13th century. This flower has several hundred species, variety of shapes as well as many different names.

Ukrainians prefer to call them “pivnyky” which means roosters. Probably, the form and colorfulness of the flowers reminds us their colorful tails. Ukraine has one of the largest plantations of wild yellow Irises in Vinnytsia Region. They cover more than 10 hectares of land. Interesting fact is that nobody was growing them and in case somebody tried to cultivate another type of Iris, there was no success. 

Irises symbolize faith, hope, wisdom, friendship and even adoration. If you want to send Ukraine flowers of outstanding beauty, Exceptional Irises Bouquet will make a perfect choice for any occasion and just because.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Countdown to Orthodox Easter in Ukraine

 “Khrystos Voskhres!” – “Voistynoo Voskhres!” (“Christ is risen!” - “Indeed risen!”).

This is a common greeting for Easter in Ukraine, one of the most important religious holidays. After seven long weeks of lent, Ukrainians celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Many people regard lent to be some limitation in food, but in reality the main lesson is “not to eat each other” which means: “Don’t hurt each other either by word or deed. Make your soul clean, not just your stomach”.

The most important week preceding Easter Sunday, Holy Week, begins with Palm Sunday (or Willow Sunday). On this day traditionally people go to church to bless branches of pussywillow instead of palm trees and later put them in the corners of their house.

Starting Monday people clean and wash everything in their houses as Pure Thursday (or Clean Thursday) is the last day when cleaning should be finished. In old times people went to Russian sauna and washed themselves as well.

On Passion Friday it was forbidden to have fun, laugh, sing and even work. People had to pray and not to eat anything except bread and drink water till the evening. Nowadays most of Ukrainians go to work and then have a peaceful evening at home. 

On Saturday Ukrainians traditionally prepare two essential items for Easter celebrations. The centerpiece of Easter table is Paskha. It is a kind of sweet bread that Ukrainian women usually bake themselves. It usually has a form of round high column and comes in different sizes. They usually use basic sweet yeast dough and sometimes it takes hours for the dough to rise properly. There is a belief that loud noises are not allowed as dough won’t rise and the Paskha will be solid. That is why some families are really quiet on this day. Everyone chooses what to add to make it tastier. This can be raisins, dried apricots, nuts, etc. Nowadays, many people don’t bother to cook Paskha as it takes rather long, so they buy it in bakeries and markets.

Another common dish is painted eggs. In olden times the mother of the family put different ornaments on the eggs thinking just about good things. Nowadays, this is a type of entertainment that can be shared by everyone, old and young. People paint eggs with brushes and add stickers. It is common to make different pictures, starting from crosses, figures of Christ and other symbols and ending with anything that seems bright and brings joy to ones heart. There are no limitations on what you draw on the egg.

On late Saturday or early Sunday morning religious people go to church and bring Paskha, eggs and other food stuffs to be blessed. After returning from church the whole family sits by the table. Instead of toasting and drinking, every member of the family takes an egg. When the choice is made people strike each other’s eggs together, to break the shells. The one whose egg remains solid is the winner. This egg fight repeats several times during the meal and no egg is safe from the children who enjoy this game very much. During the day people visit their relatives and friends, exchange blessed Paskhas, eggs and other delicious food from their Easter baskets in Ukraine. This is regarded as a day of mutual congratulations.

May your Easter be filled with peace, joy, and happiness!